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Surgical Anesthesia

Beaumont Farmington Hills' Anesthesia department utilizes the latest medications, monitors and techniques to provide patients with a safe and comfortable surgery.  Most surgeries are accomplished with either a general anesthetic, deep sedation, neuraxial block or peripheral nerve block.  The anesthesiologist will review options appropriate for the particular surgery on the day of the procedure.  You can read about different anesthetic types under the "About Anesthesia" heading.

Labor & Delivery

For the comfort of our new moms experiencing a traditional delivery, we happily provide labor epidurals.  This procedure safely reduces the discomfort of labor pain.  

​Patients having an elective C-section most often have a spinal anesthetic. This is usually mixed with a long acting medication to keep the patient comfortable after her surgery.

You can read about different anesthetic types under the "About Anesthesia" heading.

Pain and Anxiety

It is common for patients to have anxiety about surgery.  Mostly it is fear of the unknown.  The best best remedy is knowledge and we encourage you to read the heading, "Day of Surgery" for an overview of what the surgery day will be like.  In addition, when you arrive in the preoperative area your anesthesiologist will spend time reviewing your personalized anesthetic.  While this does a lot to alleviate anxiety, many patients will receive medications to help relax them in the preoperative area.  At that time the anesthesiologist will review any pain you are currently having and the pain expected in the immediate recovery period.  Together a plan will be developed to keep you comfortable.  This may involve medication or a variety of nerve blocks to numb areas of your body.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a problem that some patients present with and some patients go on to develop.  Our anesthesiologists will work with chronic pain patients presenting for surgery to develop a plan to control their pain before, during and immediately after surgery.  In addition we deploy strategies to prevent the development of chronic pain in surgeries that are susceptible to it.  We currently do not offer a chronic pain clinic on campus to deal solely with chronic pain patients.  However, the Department of Anesthesiology at Botsford Hospital has numerous chronic pain specialists off campus for referral.

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